16 Feb Project Manager

Career Vision (Global) Ltd worked with us to create a bespoke development programme – ‘Developing Yourself and Others’. This was to address feedback we had received from staff surveys and morale discussions. The programme was primarily about raising the standards in our group around performance management and included a focus on individuals recognising their own behaviours and its impact on others. Carole created a professional but friendly environment and engaged participants in becoming more self aware about themselves and reflect on what development they may need to undertake to enhance their approach to performance management and performance more generally. This one-day session has helped our Directorate work towards establishing a model of best practice for performance management by setting standards which, irrespective of grade, we all own and have responsibility for delivering and monitoring against. We are evaluating with Career Vision (Global) Ltd., what steps we now take as a follow on to this programme.

Carole Elam is very committed to this agenda and is clearly passionate about what she does, truly believing that learning and development is key to business success. We thank her very much for all her input, support and advice in this regard.

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