16 Feb Head of Finance Shared Services

Carole Elam worked with us over a two-year period when we moved our financial functions into a central Finance Shared Service Centre. Carole’s operational experience in setting up Shared Service Centres in a world wide arena was invaluable to us during this transition period.

Her ability to view the ‘big picture’ and apply attention to detail was highlighted in how she managed the production and delivery of the organisation, transitional and cultural change plan to support the implementation.

Carole supported the Trade Union Consultation activities around mapping of personnel to specific roles, the move to a new work location and redeployment of personnel.

She never underestimated how much complacency and fear exists when employees are taken out of their comfort zone. Carole provided coaching support in employee areas throughout the change process and for a period of time after the initial set up of the centre.

To enhance the cultural shift, she designed and facilitated a core set of soft skill learning modules, which included employee induction, team building, problem solving, and customer service.

Carole has returned to work with us on Train the Trainer and reviewing of Team Dynamics. It is a pleasure working with Career Vision (Global) Ltd.

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