Everyone in an organisation can benefit from the support of coaching. Implementing a coaching culture will deliver widespread benefits to individuals and teams at every level and ensure that your entire organisation moves in the same direction.

We work with you to gain the success you require – but do you know what success looks like?

What are the key benefits to coaching within an organisation?

Adopting a coaching culture, enables organisations to leverage a number of benefits both strategic and for an individual.

Strategic benefits include:

  • Providing structure, guidance and focus
  • Promotes initiative and accountability
  • Motivates and sustains momentum
  • Monitors and evaluates actions
  • Increases awareness of resources and when to use them
  • Improves customer service
  • Helps address areas of weaker performance

Individual benefits include:

  • Unlocking potential and creativity
  • Increasing the ability to cope with and welcome change and transition
  • Improving confidence and decision making
  • Addressing performance fears and anxieties and helping to remove them
  • Working towards eliminating unhealthy work stress triggers.

What is our Coaching approach?

According to requirements, coaching can last for just a few sessions or for an extended period. Within our range of coaching services, we will work with you to assess your needs and define the specific outcomes that you, the individual, the team or the organisation want to achieve. We gain your agreement at the outset on where shifts need to occur that would indicate that a change has been successful.

All our coaches have extensive business backgrounds and understand the business environment and look to an organisations business strategy. All our coaching is built on solid relationships based on respect, trust, confidentiality and understanding.

Regular updates are provided throughout the arrangement to indicate progress and if necessary areas we feel may be a risk factor. All discussions with our clients remain confidential. Quality assurance is applied to all aspects of the work we undertake and coaching supervision is part of our process.

Why do we use coaching supervision?

All our coaches receive coaching supervision. We see this as a pivotal role in assessing the quality of the services we are providing as well as continuing professional development for the coach delivering them.
We are also able to provide coaching supervision to our clients who may have their own internal coaches.

How is Return on Investment evaluated?

Every coaching interaction we undertake is structured around highly quantifiable outcomes which are agreed at the outset of the programme. We use assessment tools and 360-degree feedback both at the outset and upon completion of the coaching to measure results.

We utilise the appropriate tools, techniques and models based on the best fit for the client and their requirements. Progress is normally evaluated half-way through the programme and objectives can be fine-tuned accordingly. Full evaluation takes place at the end of the coaching interaction.

What are some of the areas our coaching interactions cover?

  • Leaders and Executives
  • Coaching skills for Managers
  • Performance – individual and organisational
  • Teams
  • One-to-one
  • Coaching high potentials
  • Coaching to retain top talent
  • Career Transition