360º Feedback

Our Vision360 on-line tool provides a multi-source approach to feedback. It helps with career planning, personal and professional growth and identifying development needs.

Understanding our impact on others can be a significant step towards creating more choices on the actions we take and the behaviours we exhibit.  It also helps us become more skilled in our interactions with others.

How can we help you in this process?

We believe our on-line web based Vision360 tool is for you.

Vision360 evaluates your performance and behaviours by firstly asking you to self-assess yourself against a set of competencies and behaviours. Comments are then elicited from a selection of peers, managers, direct reports, internal and external customers, clients and stakeholders. In fact, anybody whose opinion you respect and who is familiar with you and your work can be included in the feedback process. This multi-source approach can give real insight into how different groups see you as a person.

These are then compared, and the ultimate output provides participants with a structured report to help them enhance their potential in a supportive and developmental way.

What are the benefits of using Vision360?

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to ensure you receive a 360
process which is:

  • Designed to meet your development agendas
  • Provides competencies tailored to the individual’s role
  • Understood by the individual and respondents
  • Translates into meaningful feedback reports
  • Underpins robust personal development plans
  • Identifies potential training and development needs
  • Improves customer service
  • Ensure contribution to the wider organisation strategy

What other services are available?

We provide programmes to help you to improve the performance of your people and enhance your experience of using Vision360 – to include:

  • Fully managed 360º feedback service
  • 360 workshops for your staff to enhance understanding of the process, dispel concerns, and highlight the value of constructive feedback
  • Training on how to conduct effective 360º feedback debriefs
  • Workshops to enable your staff to share and manage the feedback in a one-to-one debrief.
  • Skilled coaches and practitioners available to facilitate one-to-one 360º feedback debriefs, where required
  • Support in developing a coaching approach to Personal Development
  • Plan, design and delivery of effective Performance Management processes incorporating a 360º feedback module.